Classic Car restoration inevitably means a lot of welding and fabrication we have a wealth of experience which ranges from replacing sills and floor panels to manufacturing panels from scratch or even coach building special bodies to authentic vintage plans. We work with steel, aluminium, GRP and even wood. These day most of our customers favour the durable high quality finished that can be achieved economically using two pack paint systems, but for those seeking truly authentic paintwork we can offer hand polished nitrocellulose painted finish.

We employ tried and tested specialists for engine building, interior trim and upholstery, as well as chroming and metal polishing, all the resources needed for a complete and comprehensive restoration.

Restorations are our core business but we also repair and maintain classic cars whether restored by us of others. No job is too small whether itís polishing out a scratch, detailing an engine bay or refurbishing tired leather.


Because classic car restoration is not an exact science, we donít offer fixed price quotes for restoration but we will provide our best estimate as to the likely cost of restoration. In our experience committing to fixed price projects is hazardous to the customer and the restorer. Beware of anyone who claims to be able to restore a classic for a fixed price. The price will either be higher than it needs to be to include contingency in case they got the quote wrong, or your car will be restored down to a price if they actually got the quote wrong.

We only charge for the hours it takes to restore your car regardless of whether itís less than we estimated and our hourly rate reflects the reality that if you buy anything in enough volume the price should be lower. We will keep you in touch with progress on your car at every step of the way providing regular updates by e-mail or online with a photographic record of progress. We offer staged payments according to achievement of agreed targets.

Visit our projects page to view a list of all the cars we have restored (or at least those we can remember) and view a small sample of them. Look out for more projects being added.

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